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The Rum Collector started collecting rum in 1995 when traveling out of the country. After many trips abroad bringing back rum for family members and other people, Rum Collector decided to start a collection of rum not easily obtainable in the USA. With very limited funds, how does one start, maintain, and expand a collection? Of course, don't drink it. The Rum Collector is not a rum connoisseur, just a collector of rum; looking to share knowledge, promote and display rum in its variety for anyone interested. Rum, anyone?
The initial focus of the collection was overproof and spiced rum. After 9/11, with the imposed restriction, overproof rum was forbidden on flights originating in and destined for the USA. During that time the collection continued to expand with the addition of regular or whatever rum was interesting or seemed collectible. Restrictions have since relaxed somewhat for overproof rum limited to not "more than 70% alcohol content (140 proof)" on flights. While the focus of the collection remains overproof and spiced rums, it now also includes rum cream liqueurs.


Campbell-Robinson Miniatures Collection

The Campbell-Robinson Miniatures Collection is named for the two founding and major contributors; Walter R. Robinson, III and K. Elizabeth J. Campbell.
The late Walter Robinson [1950 - 2013] was a collector and hobby enthusiast: coins, miniature trains, stamps, amateur radio, lighthouses, etc. He could not understand why the Rum Collector wasted a lot of space and money collecting large bottles of rum. “Why not just collect miniatures?" The collection began with a couple miniatures saved from flights back in the'70s and '80s and donations from Walt.
The late K. Elizabeth J. Campbell (Aunt Libby) [1918 - 2013] collected elephants of all kinds, colors, and material; trunk up, trunk down, kneeling, standing, charging, trumpeting, etc. She also collected crystal. A global traveler, Aunt Libby collected miniatures and shells from everywhere. Aunt Libby had all types of shells and knew the name, origin, and identifying details of each shell in her collection. Aunt Libby’s contribution of miniatures greatly expanded the Campbell-Robinson Miniatures Collection to what it is today.

Thank you Walt and Aunt Libby.


Donations & Gifts

Donation and gifts of unopened bottles of rum and miniatures of all types of alcohol are welcome. If you contribute to the Collections, you will be acknowledged on the website, unless you request otherwise.


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